Christian Facebook Covers

In September of 2011, Facebook introduced the new profile upgrade they called Timeline. I am a big fan of the new layout for many different reasons, but the main one is the cover image.

The cover image is now a huge part of your profile. It’s probably the first thing people see, because its takes up the most real estate when you first view a profile. This presents some awesome opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with your friends and others who visit your profile.

Awhile back a friend of mine made the suggestion that I should take my Bible Lock Screens idea and start making Facebook Cover images. It was a “duh moment” for me and I was sad that the idea never occurred to me. Nonetheless, I was thankful for the suggestion and decided to include a section for cover images in my new Bible Lock Screen app update.

On April 12, 2012, Apple approved my latest app update, where I introduced many new features, including the “Facebook Cover Gallery” full of bible-based images made specifically for your Facebook Covers.

As of today, we have 22 Christian Facebook covers available and they were made near the public launch of Timeline for all Facebook users. All the images look great when you view your profile from a laptop or desktop computer. Unfortunately, Facebook changed the way they display the cover image about a month after I made the first batch of cover images to now zoom in on the images when viewed from their mobile apps.

In the next round of Facebook covers that I make, I will focus on having the images look great on laptop & desktop computers, as well as in the mobile apps. (I’m hoping Facebook doesn’t change their minds again)

The cover image is a great way to say whatever you want to your friends and others who view your profile. So, please consider using one of our Christian Facebook covers as your cover photo and spread the Good News.

If you haven’t downloaded the Bible Lock Screens app, you can do so here. I really appreciate all the feedback and support I’ve received during this endeavor and I will continue to listen to everyone’s feedback. Thanks again 🙂

Bible Lock Screens app for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch 
Bible Lock Screens puts the Word of God on your iPhone (and iPad) lock screens. Plain and simple. It’s regularly being updated with new custom content. It is now a Universal app optimized for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch! With the recent update it also adds a ton of features including a “Save to Camera Roll Button” for easy saving to your device. Put the Bible into your Life every time you look at your iPhone or iPad! iTunes link:

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