Why should I put Scripture on my lock screen?

We check our phones constantly

I don’t know about you, but I need the Word of God in my brain as much as possible. iPhone users look at their lock screen many times a day, to use their phone, to check the time, or to use one of the thousands of apps available on the iOS platform.

The idea

The idea for the Bible Lock Screens app started when I thought about how the Apple iPhone gives you the opportunity to add a background to your lock screen. The lock screen appears for about eight seconds and is the first thing you see when you use your iPhone. Eight seconds is a lot of time to be looking at something random. Why not use a background with Scripture on it! Please feel free to save these Bible lock screen backgrounds to your iPhone, iPad and any other devices they work with. My heart is that these lock screen backgrounds would help remind you of what the Word of God says and be a blessing in your life.

Download the app

If you really like them (and want more) then you can download our app for iOS or our app for Android. Doing so will support our efforts and give you over 1,000 custom-made Christian lock screens.

Share the images

Email them, text them, Facebook them and Tweet them to your friends and help spread the Word (of God). Send me feedback if you like them!

Download the App!


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Developer: Ryan Maher

Ryan is an normal guy who seeks to encourage people with God's love and goodness. He created the Bible Lock Screens app and set a school record for the frisbee toss in elementary school.


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